Assessor Awards 

At Oilean (Training and Nurture) Ltd we have a holistic approach to the L&D 9 awards. We can train staff and managers in assessment and verification but have developed our own approach to the delivery of SQA materials

The assessor award can be an important tool in the development of the workplace and the workforce. However all too often employers have supported staff through this award without a strategy that will allow the new assessors to use their new found expertise. Having gained the qualification many assessors for a variety of reasons do not maintain their competence.

At Oilean we deploy a development strategy that is aimed at giving the assessor the best possible experience of assessment training. We do so with the intention that if assessors become (and remain) enthused they will be a continuing asset to your business. All our experience tells us that we all learn best from semi-taught experiences - assessment is no different.

Competence based awards can be intrusive to service users who have a right to have confidence that the service they receive is from competent and confident workers. So.Oilean take assessor /candidates through a development programme before they are introduced to their own candidates. These include interactive video exercises to enhance and develop assessment skills particularly in direct observation and candidate management. The outcome from this is used as a basis to begin presenting judgements for standardisation.

Candidate assessors having experienced this process effectively move on to assessing in the workplace. Candidate assessors who have experienced this process have valued the opportunity to develop skills prior to assessing "for real".

Everyone gains;

Candidate assessors tackle their task with more confidence.

SVQ candidates experience a more effective assessment process.

Employers benefit from more efficient and effective assessment, and finally,

The service user benefits

Oilean (Training and Nurture) Ltd