Business Partners 

Business Partnering is a model of work being promoted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in which HR professionals are exhorted to become strategic partners "by executing business strategy, meeting customer needs and becoming champions in delivering value."

We do this through strategic thinking: In-depth business knowledge - yours and ours: Leadership abilities

"It is impossible to overestimate the contribution that new people modelling the right kinds of skills and behaviours can make in helping to develop internal capability" (CIPD 2004). CIPD believes your business partner should make a strategic contribution towards the achievement of your organisation's key objectives.

Oilean will do so by

  • Learning the business (both yours and ours) inside out

  • Building great relationships based on diplomacy, persuasion and political skills

  • Being at the leading edge of human resources. Adding value means offering something genuinely new

  • Building credibility. Credibility has to be won and built over time.

By keeping up to date on the availability of finance to support training and development of staff through a variety of sources, including Skills Development Scotland, and by offering the best possible deals to support the demands of compulsory registration on the health and social care sector.

Oilean (Training and Nurture) Ltd