HNC in Social Care

Our model of delivery

· Is firmly rooted in best practice and presented in terms of your workplace systems, service users, policies and procedures, and

· will save employers money by significantly reducing outlays on staff release and replacement costs for day release at college.


At Oilean we are now offering HNC in Social Services to individuals and groups of staff in an holistic way.

Our HNC delivery consists of 7 integrated assignments plus the graded assignment (much less than is being requested in most colleges). Candidates may attend 6 workshops (generally 1 day per month) and generally completing the HNC in less than a year. They may also complete their award by distance learning. The rest of the work is done in the candidates own time, by working through comprehensive workbooks.


Candidates will generally have completed their SVQ3 in Health and Social Care, or move on to complete their SVQ 3 using the materials from their HNC as a starter.


The model of delivery significantly reduces outlays on staff release and replacement costs in comparison for attendance at college. It also significantly reduces stress to staff as we can be flexible in setting deadlines for submissions etc.


Why deliver the HNC this way?


· Adults find it difficult to meet the demands of college, home and work

· At college students are required to submit separate assignments for each unit

· College assignments deadlines often clash with busy times at work

· Unit managers and supervisors often struggle to provide adequate support without knowing what is required of them.

· Cover costs for day release are very expensive. In 2004 the Scottish Social Services Council reported that staff replacement costs are likely to be between £2k and £3k.

· This is a model of delivery we have successfully delivered over the last eight years


The Benefits


· Flexible delivery, work at a pace that is comfortable for the candidate

· It is firmly rooted in practice and presented in terms of workplace systems, service

users, policies and procedures

· Is a more relevant model of delivery for more experienced staff

· For staff who are concerned about their academic ability it builds on their practice fewer but more challenging assignments, in preparation for the graded unit

· Creates a better understanding of Workplace practice, policies and procedures.

· Tracks to SVQ underpinning knowledge

· Average completion time is 9 months



The Programme

1. Induction and exercise on safeguarding

2. Leadership starts with me

3. Care in Contemporary Society

4. Lifespan Development Theory

5. Care principles

6. Understanding and Supporting Behaviour

7. Promoting Positive Behaviour

8. Graded Unit



· Workbooks/ research/ study completed in candidates own time and discussed in workshops

· Candidates have open access to tutor support at all times, by telephone, email, memo etc.

· Assessment remediation is clearly explained on an individual basis.





For information on financial support with funding for the HNC award contact Oilean on 08443577878 or use the link on final page or see Students Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS)

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